Product Details


Hitex_2HiTex™ is manufactured with various diameters, pitch (space between rings) and lengths to meet the needs of any rental company and job site. Plus, Hitex™ is the only duct that is manufactured with our unique Tuffguard™ scuff strip, which provides 360° protection around the entire length of the hose. Tuffguard™ – ensures a longer lifespan out of your duct so you replace hoses less often, saving you time and money. Hitex™ is also manufactured with a 6″ pitch (not 7″ like most other hoses available) which provides 15% more wire support and provides a better bend radius and more protective rings!

We also manufacture Insulated HiTex ducting which is produced with 5 effective insulated layers. Along with Insulated ducting we also produce UltraTex™ , and Silicone Hoses to meet your companies air movement applications. When heat levels need to be pushed even higher and maintained up to 550° degrees trust nothing but our brand of UltraMax™ ducting.*Note: Both base fabrics for UltraTex™ and UltraMax™ ducting passes CAN/CSA-M427-M491. Inquire with our Sales Representatives for more information or questions on our Insulated options please contact us.



Standard Available Diameters: 4″ to 60″
Standard Available Lengths: 12′ to 50′
Standard Available Colors: Black standard; White upon request
Standard Wearstrip Colors: Black
Approximate Temperature Range (°F) HiTex-TempRange
Base Fabric Resistance: UV, Rot, Weather and Flame Resistant material